ARISE Together In Christ


What is ARISE Together in Christ?

ARISE is a three-year, parish-centered process of spiritual renewal and evangelization that enables people to deepen their faith, develop a closer relationship with Christ, grow in community and reach out in service to others.  It emphasizes living in good relationship with one another as they make concrete applications of the Gospel to their life situations.

Why are parishes in our archdiocese asked to participate in ARISE Together in Christ?

Archbishop Gregory has invited all Catholics of our archdiocese to come together to form a renewed community of faith, to welcome back those who may have been distanced from the Church and to spread the Good News through active commitment to charity and justice.

Why sign up for ARISE Together in Christ?

Here are some reasons to sign up and participate in the ARISE Together in Christ process:

  • To know God better
  • To grow spiritually
  • To meet new people
  • To talk about God
  • To improve ourselves
  • To put faith into action
  • To change the way we see the world
  • To improve relationships
  • To experience different prayer styles
  • To be rejuvenated

What does the ARISE process look like?

The ARISE process consists of five seasons, each season consisting of 6 weekly meetings of small groups, about 90 minutes each meeting. Each season focuses on a particular theme:

Fall 2016 – Season One:  Encountering Christ Today (starting October 2016) – reflects on what it means to encounter Christ today through faith sharing.

Lent 2017 – Season Two:  Change Our Hearts (starting February 2017) – reflects on the central call of Ash Wednesday – to conversion, both as a ‘turning away from…” and as a “turning toward…”

Fall 2017 – Season Three:  In the Footsteps of Christ (dates TBA) – reflects on our fundamental belief that God in Christ chose to walk with us on our path through life and that the risen Christ now walks with us.

Lent 2018 – Season Four:  New Heart, New Spirit (dates TBA) – focuses on central themes of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Fall 2018 – Season Five:  We Are the Good News! (dates TBA) – explores how we are called to be the Good News for other people.  We see that evangelization is not something that we do:  it is who we are as followers of Christ.

How do I register?

Parish-wide registrations will occur September 10-11 and September 17-18 at all Masses.

I’m interested in being a small community facilitator for ARISE. Who do I talk to?

For more information you may contact Fr. Luis Alvarez: or call (770) 489-7115.