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PSR Parent Handbook

PSR Manual_para_los_Padres_2014-2015

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Parish School of Religion.  We are PARTNERS in your child’s successful religious faith development. The teachers in this program are all volunteers generously giving their time and talents to help your children on their journey to developing a strong Catholic faith.  These teachers only spend one hour per week for less than half of each year with your children. It is imperative for the successful religious faith development of each child that you, their parents/guardians, ensure they spend several hours each week immersed in Catholic religious practices and learning. At a minimum, attending Mass each week will account for one hour. Daily prayers and grace before meals should result in at least another hour each week. Your child must memorize a number of prayers as part of their Catholic education. And finally, each parent should review what was taught in their child’s class each week and what additional learning is expected.

Classes are not optional and will begin on time each week. There will be review questions from the previous week’s subject matter and from any at-home learning/study materials sent home with your student.

Please be respectful of our volunteer teachers and bring your child to class on time, fed and ready to learn.  Hungry children find it difficult to focus on what is being taught.

Children are expected to raise their hands to be recognized to speak – shouting out in an undisciplined manner is disrespectful and unfair to the other students. Questions and conversation about the subject matter are encouraged in class – participation is strongly encouraged and everyone is given the opportunity to participate.

Proper attire is required. Please follow the school dress code.

A parent or adult guardian is required to walk their child to class and pick them up. We do not allow a child to be picked up by another child.

All children and teens should be attending Sunday Mass as  Mass is the highest form of prayer.

If your child is attending the 8:30 AM class – they cannot attend the 8:00 AM Mass.  If your child is attending the 12:15 PM class – they cannot attend the 12:00 PM Mass. Children are not allowed to leave Mass to attend their Religion class.

Any questions please contact Theresa Butorac 770.942.9765 ext.2

God bless,

Parish School of Religion Department